Day 6

17740/50000 Words


I have to say that I am quite proud of myself. I have been trying to write at least 2000 words a day and so far it has been working. Except, due to school and work getting in the way, I was unable to write anything yesterday. I was determined to keep up the 2000 word pace so I decided that I was going to write 4000 today to make it seem like I never skipped a day. And guess what?

I ended up with a little over 6000 words! It turns out that I can skip tomorrow and still be at my quota (I don’t know if that’s the right word…just trying to sound smart xD). Of course, I am not going to skip writing tomorrow because I have hopes of not only reaching 50K, I want to finish the whole novel. And the whole novel is not going to be 50K…it will be well over.

The only thing that stinks is that I wrote all of this today at school because it was my long day and I have a three hour break in between my two classes. I was excited because I knew that I was going to write a lot. However, an old friend of mine found me in the library and we ended up talking for 45 minutes. My goal today was to try to get up to 20k or 21,340 (which would have been an even ten grand that I wrote) just so I could make it even or whatever. But losing those 45 minutes made me get a little behind.

I was sad about it for about two minutes and then I got over it because 6K is pretty good enough. And it was nice to talk to her again because I haven’t seen her since high school. Anyway, I hope that tomorrow is another good day for writing, but again, I have school and work so we’ll see how it goes. Even if I just write the normal 2000 words for tomorrow, I’ll be happy. I’m well ahead of the game. 🙂

Of course I am starting to get frustrated already. I’m not getting writer’s block, my characters are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, I’m following the outline nicely, and the plot is actually moving along. I’m more mad at my typos. Do you know how many times I have called my main character Blake “Bake” or “Lake”? Seriously, it’s bad. If I wasn’t do OCD, I would have kept the typos in so I could count how many times I screwed up. I kind of wish I did that. I’m sure it would have been well over 100.

Anyway, as I said, I’m aiming to finish my novel. I don’t know how many words that’s going to be, but I’m aiming to go way past 50K. Is there anyone else who is aiming higher than 50K? Or maybe you’re aiming higher than 50K because you’re writing more than one novel?

I tried aiming for 100K last year because I wanted to write 50K each for two stories…or it might have been the year before. Either way, it failed miserably. But I got sick, too which really slowed me down.

Speaking of being sick, I have another doctor’s appointment for a follow-up of my pneumonia. I finished my yucky medicine this morning so I’m praying to God that my pneumonia is okay enough so I don’t get any more medicine. On the other hand, I’m hoping it’s not and the doctor tells me I can’t go to school or work. Isn’t that sad? But I think it would be nice to have a week off and do absolutely nothing. Well, except write, of course.

Anyway, let me know if I’m in this whole “aiming over 50K” thing alone or not. It would be nice to compete with someone. >:) No, I’m just kidding. From the comments I got on my last post, it seems that everyone is doing quite nicely on their own NaNos.

Kepp up the good work, guys! I’m proud of you! Good luck with the rest of the month, too. We’re probably going to need it…

16 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Congrats! You’re tearing it up. I thought I was doing good by approaching the 10K mark (I, too, lost a day yesterday, but I’m still keeping pace). I’d love to meet and beat the 50K marker, but it seems I wouldn’t be much competition for you. 🙂

    As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to finish the rough draft of this book by the end of the month, however long it ends up being. Based on the first two books, I’m guessing that would put me closer to 80K. It’s a lofty goal (for me), but I know I can reach it if I work hard and sleep little.

    • So it sounds like the book you’re working on now is a sequel, am I right? Are the others published? Or are you doing this just for fun?

      • The first book in the series is (self) published. I did my own personal version of NaNo last month to finish up the second book so I could work on the third this month. Yes, I hate myself that much.

        • There’s nothing wrong with doing your own NaNo. I’ve tried it before, but I like having others do it with me. I think it motivates me more because I’m very competitive. xD

          Good for you that you’re self-published. Good luck with the series. What’s it called?

      • The series is called Unseen Things. I’ve self-pubbed four books since last year and it was my third. Figured I’d get this trilogy out of the way so I could focus on my other series.

        If your word count is up to date, I’m not *too* far behind you. *cracks knuckles* Maybe I will be some competition, after all. 🙂

        • Yeah, I looked you up as soon as I sent that reply to you. xD It sounds really interesting. I wrote it down and it will be on my “to-read” list. 🙂

          I would love a little competition. Of course, I have been a bit behind in my writing since last Tuesday. But I’m home all day today, so I’m catching up. 🙂

  2. This year is my second time doing NaNoWriMo, and I’m going for 75k instead of the traditional 50k. The novel is a sequel to last year’s NaNo novel, and I’m hoping to finish the whole story in one month. I didn’t do that with last year’s novel, and I had a hard time getting the novel finished in a timely manner (it took me all of December and January just to finish the last third of the story).

    So far, I’ve managed to keep up with my goal this month, which is pretty exciting. 😀

    • Good for you! Yes, I am writing the first novel in a series which is part of the reason as to why I want to finish the thing completely before the month is up. My first NaNo (back in 2009) is still not complete even though I don’t have much more to write for it. Good luck!

  3. Hope you feel better. 6K words is awesome! As of yesterday, I’m at 15,927 and hoping to get over 2500 today. Added you as a writing buddy. I’m listed as wickedgreens. Yep, I’m aiming for more than 50K as well, want to finish this novel early and get started on another to keep the momentum going.
    thanks, Cynthia

    • I added you back. I just really want to finish another novel. I haven’t finished an actual novel in a really long time. I usually start a novel and then stop into the middle and go onto the next project. Good luck!

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