Day 4

11,390/50,000 Words


Yay! I hit over 10K! I think this is the fastest I have ever written a NaNo before. I have a good feeling about this year. I really do think that I’m going to win my second NaNo.

So have 11,390 words and I’m at the bottom of page 37. Even though I am not breaking it up into chapters, yet, my outline is still in chapters. So according to my outline, I am also on chapter nine. I think it’s going well so far, but I have a feeling that the edit of this novel is going to be a real pain…like editing usually is.

If you’re participating in NaNo please comment with your word count. I’m curious to see how many people are behind or ahead of me. Also comment with your NaNo username if you want to become writing buddies. As I have stated before, my username is Fiery_Sapphire. But I am really curious to see how far along some people are.

Good luck with your NaNos everyone! And if you’re not participating…well, it’s only day four. You can still start and finish on time! 😉

64 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Wow, you’re really cooking along. Congratulations!! As of right now I’m sitting a little over 2k. Going to take a break and think about plotting since I’ve been unable to do so up to this point. ChristinaKS

      • lawdy i haven’t outlined a thing. I’ve always had this fear of outlining during NaNo because when I’ve done it for books, I won’t complete the book. I just write by the seat of my pants.

        • I didn’t finish my outline, but I have been following it so far. When I get to point when my outline ends, I’m hoping I don’t get writer’s block and stop. That would be bad, lol.

  2. I wasn’t going to do NaNo this year, but I do have a story 95% plotted. I’m feeling rather tempted to give it a bash after seeing this. Good luck, and don’t worry about the edits until you’ve made the word count. If you start cutting bits along the way it will hamper your momentum.

  3. daireenonline that’s my handle on NaNo. I have just under 7k words posted, on the site, posting simultaneously on my blog also so I’d rather keep the momentum. I have written almost 15k words, if not more 😉 by the way, follow my blog and accept the buddy invite on NaNo… cheers

    • I think I did accept your buddy invite…I just logged onto NaNo not too long ago. If not, I’ll return the favor the next time I log on. Keep up the good work on your NaNo! 🙂

  4. Wow… that’s a good rate. You might hit 70,000 by the end of the month.

    Um, gotta ask… what widget do you use for the countdown in the upper right corner or your sidebar?

    • Whatever my word count, I’m hoping to finish the dumb novel. And I think it’s called Milestones. I always forget the name, so it takes me a while to find it. xD

  5. Great going!! Sounds like you’re feeling better too. 🙂

    I hit 21K today; some lengthy chapters, but this isn’t going to be a brief novel. You can find me at anna scott graham (sort of boring, I know). Keep up the good work!

  6. About to hit 4K myself–congrats on breaking 10K! I love Nanos that go smoothly, I hope your 2012 Nano continues to go well. And thanks for liking my Nanowrimo post earlier, I’ll check in on your blog periodically to see how NNWM goes for you, and if you would like to be writing buddies I can be found under the pseudonym Elizabeth Clemens.

  7. I’m dead on par at 6666 words as of last night. You’re super cooking along! I’m pretty jealous, actually.

    I’m really not looking forward to editing mine at this point. Somewhere around word 4000, I randomly changed some character names around and confused myself.

    My NaNo username is Wyntermute. 🙂

    • I’m not looking forward to editing, either. I have a feeling that when I finish this novel at the end of the month, I’m not going to touch it for a very long time.

      I got your buddy request and sent you one back. 🙂

  8. my NaNoWriMo user name is SylviaHubbard1

    I’m a little over 9K and I’m at chapter 5. I’m at 27 pages and I hope to really complete my sixth nano. Currently I’m 3/5.

    I’m posting my story live on my site, so my readers can read along as I write. The feedback has been awesome and really encouraging me to write more and more.

    • I found NaNo through my sister. I’m not sure how she found it. But I have noticed that a lot of people on WordPress are apart of NaNo.

  9. I finished Day 1 with just over 4,000 words, thanks mostly to our local region’s NaNo launch/write-in at midnight Nov. 1. (Began Oct. 31 at 10 p.m. at our local Country Kitchen). We’ve got a pretty active group; plus I outlined my project in October and had some detailed character sketches, so I already knew “my people.”

    • Outlining ahead of time really does make a difference I think. It’s great that you were able to go to a write-in. I would like to go to the meetings some time just to meet some new people. But the spots are kind of far away from me and I sadly don’t have the time to go. You’re lucky that you can go to something like that. Good luck with the rest of NaNo.

  10. So I finally signed up to NaNoWriMo formally as ebg2012 – having prevaricated for about 5 years! My word count is 20858 – but mostly that was written before 1 Nov…I have written about 10k since the beginning of the month
    Feeling quite nervous as a newbie about it all 🙂

    • Cheater! xD So you’re a NaNo newbie and a NaNo rebel, as well lol. Post in the forums a lot…that’s what I did when I first signed up. It’s not like I talk to certain people regularly on there, but at least some people on there know your profile exists. Good luck!

  11. Wow, I’m on fire! I hit 30,000 today. But I’ve done pretty much nothing else since it started because I’ve got a big project starting on the 14th. Plus, last year I failed miserably, so this year I got myself properly psyched up for it!

  12. Congratulations on your word count! I imagine it’s even better today. Most years I have been around the same level by this point in the month, though this year has been a little sluggish for me and I’m only barely keeping up with the recommended goals. Happy writing.

    • Actually, I haven’t written any today. 🙁 Dumb school and work kept me occupied. I hope to write double tomorrow. Good luck to you! As long as you write something, that should be good enough.

  13. That’s great! Isn’t it amazing when it is going well? Love that. I’m at 8000 right now, but still feeling good about pacing and the writing that’s on the page. I think this is a sustainable pace that will keep me on track and enjoying the process. As for the NaNo website, ahem, I check in there a little bit but don’t want to take the time away from writing to figure out all the details. I’d love a writing buddy, though, so if you want to find me on the site, I’m NitaHoliday. Keep up all the great writing and best of luck!

    • I’ll add you on NaNo. 🙂

      8000 words is pretty great. It’s still ahead of the game. And it’s it’s nice to be ahead. 🙂

  14. Hey 🙂 I’m narwhal_sonnets on NaNoWriMo. My count right now is a little over 19 thousand. I’m glad you’re doing so well, and that you have such a good feeling about your awesome project this November. It’s my first NaNoWriMo, I’m really enjoying it.

    • First year and you’re doing so well? That’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll make it to the finish line without any problem. Keep up the good work and I’ll add you on NaNo. 🙂

  15. Limping along at 5,644 words as of this morning. I have a rough outline but the characters sometimes have other ideas about where to go. I don’t mind following them into uncharted territory–it’s good to give them the freedom to explore and all that Free-Range Kids stuff–but when they get lost (and they *always* get lost) they turn around and look at me like I should know where we’re headed.

    Drives. Me. Crazy.

    You’ll find me on nano as SZWrites. Writing buddies would be swell.

  16. No outlining for me, but I’m at 11.8K or so, on day 6.
    And into Chapter 4. I’m going for 80K,
    I’ve split the whole thing into 20-chapter spaces, each with 12 scenes expected.
    And things aren’t linear – so some scenes are touched while others right next to them aren’t.
    Sounds like you’re going great for so early in the month! I’ll be following you.

    • Good job! I’m shooting for the normal 50K, but I’m really hoping to finish the whole novel, which will most likely be well over 50K. So we’ll see how it goes. Good luck to you. 🙂

  17. I am currently sitting around 5,000 words, but it’s due to traveling out of town Saturday and Sunday for vacation. I’m aiming for 2k words per evening every day this week to make up for my deficit and get back on track. Congrats on your pacing!

    • That’s why I’m trying to finish my novel by the time Thanksgiving comes along…or at least get to the 50K. My family and I go away for Thanksgiving weekend every year, so it’s going to be four days that I miss. Good luck with the rest of your NaNo!

  18. My first year at this and I’ve just finished Chapter 3 and reached 15K, which I thought I’d never get too. Still a long way to go yet but feeling positive I might just get to the 50K mark.
    I’m Sophie Annabelle on NaNoWriMo, if any of you fancy another writing buddy?Good luck to every one x

    • This is my fourth year and I think this is the fastest that I have ever gone. Good for you for being at such a fast pace! Good luck to you, too. I added you on NaNo.

  19. Great article. Keep up the good work. I’m at just over 11,400. Trying to get a big jump on it as well. Last year I got way ahead and then got buried and wasn’t able to write for the last 10 straight days. So, I wouldn’t have made it had I not given myself such a big cushion.

    Also, where did you get the NaNo countdown widget you have on your screen showing how many days are left? Did you create that yourself? Awesome!!!

    • I know what you mean. I never finished my outline for the story I’m writing, so I’m hoping that I don’t get stuck when I reach the end of the outline.

      And the widget is called Milestones. It’s from WordPress. I just plugged in the words. xD

  20. I commend your competitve spirit! Write good, and write bulky. The edit is where you can loose the excess, but there may be a pearl lost if you get too “edity” as you write. Good luck <3 Mom.
    (Aka Kassie)

    • That is true. I can’t wait to edit this thing so it is finally finished, but I hate editing so much…so I don’t know how that will go. 🙂

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