Stupid School

I have been trying to get my writing done. I really have. The fact is that school just keeps getting in the way. My anxiety at school has been coming back, which is making things a little bit difficult, I think I’m coming down with a cold, and I just have school, then work, then homework, and then on the weekends I have Sunday school and such. It’s too much. I’m getting stressed out, but I’m handling it. I have good grades in all my classes so far and I have been going to school despite my anxiety trying to kill me. However, when it comes to writing…that’s a whole other story.

I just decided all of this this morning. I made a huge list of all my homework that I need to get done. My Health class never has homework, so that’s not a big deal, but I made a list of all the math homework, science homework, and discover teaching homework I have for the rest of the semester. I didn’t list my multicultural communications homework only because my professor gives us the homework week by week and not for the whole semester. Anyway, I’m going to get a good chunk of it done because it honestly isn’t that much to tell the truth…it just looks like a lot. I am going to go home today (because I don’t have work today) and between today and Monday (October 8) I am going to try to get as much homework done as I possibly can. Hopefully I can get all my homework done for at least October, but we’ll see.

This way, with homework out of the way, I’ll be able to focus on writing instead of homework. It’ll be the same amount of stuff I have to worry about, except I’m replacing homework with writing. I think it should work out. The other thing that I thought of doing was going through my novel list and writing summaries and/or outlines for each novel. I was looking at the list earlier and realized that there are a couple of stories that I had no idea what the plot was supposed to be. So if I outline each novel then not only will I remember what it’s about when I start writing it, but I will also have an idea about what each chapter is supposed to be about and it’ll be easier and faster to write the novel.

Does this all sound good? Does it all make sense? Probably not because I know that I said I was going to work on a book full of short stories and such to be self-published and now I’m changing my mind…again. But I guess that’s fine because I have to coordinate everything with life. Unfortunately, life is a little important. Anyway, so when I get home today I’ll start working on all my homework…I can’t start now because I only have my books for the classes I have today…which of course has no homework.

This will also be good because if I get all the October homework done early, I can try to get my November homework done really soon. If that happens then I will be able to focus more on NaNoWriMo! Yay! I can write my NaNo novel while in school and after work and such things like that instead of doing homework. When I start outlining my novels, I’ll outline the novel I’m going to do for NaNo…whatever that may be, I don’t know yet.

Anyway, I’ll update about NaNo sooner rather than later since it’s already October and November will probably be here before we know it. I’ll also update about my homework and we’ll see how that goes. I have about 100 stories to outline…this is going to be interesting!

4 thoughts on “Stupid School

  1. i’m always impressed by bloggers that i come across who are also in school. it just seems like too much! good luck to you and following your passion. the things that you love will come out in the end. 🙂

  2. Rachel-
    I understand your pain. I work from 8 to 4 on every school day. Then I come home and go to class online. I only have two classes each term, but they are 8 week terms, so we have tons to accomplish for each class. I am also stressed out about a Power Point that’s due next Wednesday and an annotated bibliography that’s due next Saturday. This week I have four essays to write for a mid-term exam.

    Of course, I’m expected to show up online and post intelligent, reflective comments on the discussion. My brain is so muddled, I don’t think I would know incoherence if I saw it!

    I just started A Round of Words in80 Days with a goal of writing 5,000 words over at least four hours per week. This sounded so simple when I made the goal, but since my school essays don’t count in that equation, I’m thinking I must have been crazy to consider this challenge.

    My blog is somewhat about these college-related struggles.

    I say start on your novel summaries, but if something doesn’t click right away, move on to the next one. When you get to the story that’s on the tip of your tongue, you’ll know it. That’s the one to do for NaNoWriMo.

    You can do it!

    • Thank you, this is great advice. 🙂 Just keep chipping away at school and your writing…even if you only write about 100 words a day or something, at least you DID something, you know what I mean? Plus I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there who are struggling to write while balancing school. Just check the forums on NaNo. Are you on that site?

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