What If?

I am not good at poetry. However, last semester, we had to write a freeverse poem and a formal poem. I thought I would post my formal one for feedback. I’ve always wanted to get better at poetry. So let me know what you think and I’ll post the other one soon!

What If?


What if we’re not all that different?
Yet we stay so ignorant
What if people didn’t die?
Yet we always say goodbye

What if animals rule?
And we’re just fools
What if money is useless?
But we’re all just ruthless?

What if life is a bunch of dreams?
What if nothing is as it seems?
What if we don’t belong?
What if everything we know is wrong?

6 thoughts on “What If?

  1. I’m not the best at poetry, either, but this one has good form, pretty steady rhythm and it has a message. I’d say it’s pretty good for a novice poet (speaking from one novice to another). I posted a poem in my blog back in the spring when I was taking a poetry writing workshop (required for my creative writing minor). It’s a villanelle, which isn’t the easiest form and I’d never heard of it until I took a poetry class!

    • Villanelle…I’ve never of that, either. The class I was in was English Composition 2, which was all about literature. So we spent just a short amount of time on poetry. Still, that’s that only info I know about poetry.

  2. I like this – for me the ‘form’ is all toss and nonsense if the message is empty. You have something to say and that cannot be ‘taught’ – the rest will come.
    What if? … Then this life!

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