Still At Six

Well, This Has Proved Difficult…

I am still at six pages towards my goal. So, I decided to cheat a little. I don’t know if it really counts as cheating or whatever, but I’m going to do it anyway. If I wrote three pages a day until the end of the year, it would give me 360 pages, correct? Well, I decided that I’m just going to work towards 360 pages by the end of the year. As long as I meet that goal, then I think I should be good. It makes sense, right?

Life has been kicking me in the back side ever since I decided to write three pages a day. School is insane. I’ve gotten a lot of homework and it’s only the fourth day of school…yes, I am at school right now. Work is going well, but it has been a bit crazy. I have a three-year-old who only knows three English words: no, shut up, and F***er. So, more stories about that will probably be plentiful this upcoming year.

I have been trying to write, but when I get a chance I’m either too tired or I realize that I have a home due date coming up. For real, I already have a math project. Yesterday, I got all my homework done that due this week (except the project) because I was planning on writing today at school. I only have one class today and that’s at 10:30. That gives me two hours.

So I think I’ll go get started before I get distracted with something else…

Let me know your thoughts!

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