Six Down

354 More To Go…

Remember that I said that I was going to be writing three pages a day starting yesterday? Well, I never did it yesterday. So, instead of writing three pages today I wrote six so it made it seem like I never skipped a day. Let’s hope that if I ever do skip a day again it will only be one or two days at a time…I don’t need to be writing 18 pages in one day. I think that would be a bit too much when I’ll have homework to do and such. Anyway, I updated the Challenges page with my page count because it makes me feel special and accomplished.

Now speaking of writing…on the My Writing page, I wrote that I was in the middle of writing A Job To Get Done. Well, instead of starting something new with this three pages a day thing, I decided to stick with that. By doing that, I realized another thing about writing that I dislike. When you take breaks from your writing that turns from an hour break to a year break.

I apparently started writing that novel on June 7, 2012. Which kind of makes sense because I’m pretty sure that I was writing that novel for my June Camp NaNo. Anway, so I had it started and when I clicked on the Word Document to open it…I realized that I had 47 pages written so far. Yay for me for getting that far, right? Well, no because I had no idea what I left off with and what had already happened in the story. Therefore, I had to re-read the whole thing…which took a little while, but I didn’t find too many typos which is pretty impressive for me.

I hate reading my work over when I’m in the middle of writing it. When I saw that there were that many pages, even though I had gotten so far already, I just wanted to open a blank Word Document and start all over again. That would make things easier, yes? Well, yeah, but then all that hard work I did way back when would be a waste.

So, in the end, I re-read it, but I still have to rant about it. I feel like if I had just kept up with it in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to spend that ten or fifteen minutes refreshing my memory. But hopefully that won’t happen again because I’ll have the three pages a day goal.

Now my issue is to figure out a routine where I can edit my novels…

2 thoughts on “Six Down

  1. Editing is for later… You’re inspirational! I would love to have a goal like you’ve set. I’m thinking of going a little easier on myself, maybe a page a day… even that seems daunting, considering I don’t even know what kind of story I want to work on. Good luck! Us WriMos have to stick together, eh?

    • Very true! And I didn’t think that the three pages was going to be all that bad…but I skipped a day so I wrote six pages, but I just skipped yesterday which would mean I should write six pages today. But school started yesterday and I’m already swamped. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but I’m hoping I can get through it. Good luck to you, too!

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