Everyone Has Some Sort Of Weird Thing Going On….


Take my puppy for example.  She’s one-year-old and whenever she runs, she uses only three legs.  She has done this since she learned how to walk/run. Her right hind leg tends to stay suspended up in the air while her front legs do the majority of the work and her left hind leg hops.  She is extremely fast, but we try to tell her that she’ll go much faster if she uses all that God gave her, but she doesn’t listen.  When she had a vet appointment, we had the doctor check it out.  He said there was nothing wrong with it.  He shrugged and said, “It’s just a quirk.”

This is Chip (she’s a girl with a boy’s name)

Quirks are usually something that someone always does…or something that they always have.  Something along those lines, anyway.  Everybody has quirks…even dogs.  And, more importantly, our characters.  When writers come up with characters, they tend to give each character a quirk.  Maybe it was by accident, maybe it was on purpose.  However, there is always something special about each individual character.  They may always have something with them, they may always being doing something certain, or it could be a certain way they speak.

Some quirks are easy to point out due to the “narrator” or the character themselves state it in the actual book.  Other quirks are not that easy to figure out due to them being so subtle.  However, I believe that they’re there somewhere.

Author’s themselves have quirks, as well.  Some writers tend to write in the same thing in every book.  Take me, for example.  So far, in all my novels, a giraffe appears.  Either one of the characters brings up a giraffe in the conversation, there’s a giraffe poster in someone’s bedroom…there has been no appearance of a giraffe where the giraffe has been a real one.  Although that would be awesome…I may have to do that.

I find quirks to be quite enjoyable.  As I read, I tend to find something unique about each character which carries on throughout the novel.  I try to do the same with my characters, as well.  I don’t know if this is true or even if it makes any sense…but I think that if the characters have certain things about them-like quirks-they develop more.  The readers tend to get to know them as well as you, the writer, knows them.

Let me know your thoughts!

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